Come with:
chew treats
Chihuahua care sheet
recommended house training information
2 vaccinations
preventative deworming

PICTURE 1: Male, beige, largest of the litter maturing to be around 6 -6.5lbs. He is outgoing and loves people.

PICTURE 2: Female, beige, more reserved and such a cuddler, she is only going to mature to be around 5lbs.

PICTURE 3: Female, grey/brown, she is going to have longer hair and will be an excellent compnaion puppy, growing to be around 5 lbs as well.

PICTURE 4: Female, black & brown, she also has longer hair like her sister and will get to be 5lbs, a little more outgoing and super fun to play with.

Please email me with your questions or if you are interested in one of my Chihuahua puppies.